Helios PRO

Helios Pro

With our Helios FEC/Corporate edition already more than a match for any of our competitor’s products, we needed the development teams to put their heads down. We wanted a new flagship product that could, like Nexus did 7 years ago, set standards above and beyond the competition. We delivered. Zone’s Helios Pro is more than outstanding design, it’s an evolution in concepts bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry, all protected with multiple patents.


Helios PRO is designed to put the WOW back into tag, perfect for the buyer that needs only the best. Produced by today’s leading laser tag company.
  • Tag a player and their photo can appear in real time
  • View the scoreboards on your phaser
  • Control your options and selections via 3″ touch screen
  • Engage in interactive games
  • Swipe to choose your language
  • A laser beam never before experienced: THE FAT ONE
  • Every single board embedded with electronic ID
  • Plastics up to 5 times stronger than our competition
  • And our patented QR/NFC with global online community

  • 3″ 400 x 240 pixel touch screen
  • High speed access point hopping Wi-Fi modules
  • Dual weapon select touch buttons
  • Large capacitive touch sensor for two hand sensor
  • Dual true color muzzle flash
  • Works with Gamestations and QuizZone packages
  • NFC/QR card compliant
  • Set handicapping style, music, DMX and more
  • Unlimited game play design
  • Global achievements and experience points
  • 6 hit zones for more accurate player tagging information
  • All new cross fading LED Drives systems delivers amazing new effects


With seven years since our last major release you would expect something amazing from Zone and Helios will not disappoint even the most discerning buyers. Redesigned from the ground up with the latest technology, we were able to implement a high end system clearly more advanced than any competitor at a price that is truly amazing. Vastly improved reliability with a longer warranty and so many new features. It has the famous Zone Laser Tag feel and our fast action play with the instantaneous hit recognition that has made us number 1 worldwide!


 Self-Diagnostic system

Automatically check every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more. Failures are reported as critical – to be fixed immediately – or manageable with all the information uploaded to our support servers for analysis, so that when you call our 24 hour support we know exactly what’s going on.

Back office control

No PC needed to control

Multilingual games

No longer is it necessary to upload languages per country – all our languages are

inbuilt and selectable via the handheld or tablet. Multiple languages can occur in a single game.

Inbuilt achievement and ranking system

With our patented NFC/QR membership system and games with inbuilt achievement and XP levels, players will now be able to collect achievements, earn rankings and compare themselves locally and to our worldwide player database.



  • Color OLED with animations a must
  • 22 awesome customizable game formats
  • Capacitive two hand sensor for ease of use
  • Magnetic triggers provide greater reliability
  • USB re-programming for quick upgrading
  • Green laser diodes for better visuals
  • Li polymer battery gives all day playing
  • 4 Hit zones with scaling points
  • Multi-level abuse controller
  • Our famous HAL start button
  • Music and announcements
  • Plug and play DMX for brilliant lighting
  • New scoreboards designs with advertising
  • Dual 2 watt RMS amp for louder effects
  • SD Card MP3 audio for better clarity
  • Supports targets and turret gun

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