Helios CE


Looking for an affordable, rugged, and user friendly laser tag product for your entertainment facility?

HELIOS is the latest line of laser tag equipment from Zone Laser Tag. Zone is the industry’s leader in laser tag equipment technology.

Since 1988, Zone Laser Tag has grown to be the largest laser tag manufacturer in the world. All while operating multiple corporate stories and helping over 500 laser tag attractions succeed!

Redesigned from the ground up with the latest technology, we were able to implement a high end system clearly more advanced than any competitor at a price that is truly amazing. Vastly improved reliability with a longer warranty and so many new features, It has the famous Zone Laser Tag feel and our fast action play with the instantaneous hit recognition that has made us number 1 worldwide!


  • Bright color OLED with animations
  • 22 awesome customizable game formats
  • Capacitive two hand sensor for ease of use
  • Magnetic triggers provide greater reliability
  • Easy USB re-programming for quick upgrading
  • Vivid green laser diodes for better visuals
  • Longest Lasting Lithium polymer battery gives all day playing
  • 4 Hit zones with scaling points
  • Multi-level abuse controller
  • Our famous HAL start button
  • Music and announcements
  • Simple plug and play DMX for brilliant lighting
  • New live-action scoreboards designs with advertising
  • Dual 2 watt RMS amp for louder effects
  • SD Card MP3 audio for better clarity
  • Supports targets and turret guns

Basic Features

Family Friendly Phaser Design
Our Phaser offers a natural grip that is easy to use for all ages. There are no buttons to squeeze or multiple buttons to confuse you. 

Sings “Happy Birthday” to Birthday Guest
Making your birthday guest feel special has never been easier! Their pack will sing “Happy Birthday” before the game begins. Enhance your Birthday sales today!

HELIOS Pack Sings “Happy Birthday” to Your Guests

Sensors Encased in Polycarbonate Plastics
HELIOS has 6 sensor areas located on the front, back, shoulders, and phaser creating a 360 tag radius. Protected with a durable polycarbonate mold, these shells can resist incredible impacts. 

Front Clips and Adjustable Side Straps
The HELIOS vest is designed to be put on like a rain coat, allowing small children as well as larger players to suit up without difficulty. The side straps can also be adjusted to fit players of all body types. 

Ergonomic & Durable Phaser Cable
The latest version of our robotic phaser cable is designed to be lightweight, yet rugged. Our cables are designed for years of use! 

Up to 3 Team Colors: Red, Blue and Green
With HELIOS, you can have 1, 2 or 3 color configurations. The configuration is chosen before each game. 

radio2.4 gHz Military Grade Radio with Continuous Data Link
HELIOS offers a military grade radio that streams real time data to the Game PC and Scoreboard. This creates a continuous data link between players vests and the game computer. 

Full Color OLED Display Screen on the Back of the Phaser
This full color Organic LED screen is mounted to the back of the phaser to display results and interactions between players in real-time. 

Anti-Abuse Accelerometer
Accelerometers in the phaser detect abuse or misuse and can automatically shut down a player’s pack.

Four key new features for Zone Helios

Self-Diagnostic system
Automatically check every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more. Failures are reported as critical – to be fixed immediately – or manageable with all the information uploaded to our support servers for analysis, so that when you call our 24 hour support we know exactly what’s going on.

Back office control
No PC needed to control

Multilingual games
No longer is it necessary to upload languages per country – all our languages are in-built and selectable via the handheld or tablet. Multiple languages can occur in a single game.

Inbuilt achievement and ranking system
With our patented NFC/QR membership system and games with inbuilt achievement and XP levels, players will now be able to collect achievements, earn rankings and compare themselves locally and to our worldwide player database.