Clearly once you’ve invested in equipment from the global leader in interactive entertainment you’ll want to know you have a company supporting your equipment that is going to be around and reliable. Zone has been in business for 20+ years and has an excellent track record of meeting the support needs of its product lines, with 24/7 service provided through a global network of operations amongst a host of other support mechanisms. 

The world of Zone offers global coverage of your support needs contact the office nearest you.

If you own and/or operate a Zone Laser Game System, you are entitled to access our 24/7 help services, your terms of service may vary depending on your service contract however you can get support in the following manner:

If you need immediate support via the telephone you can reach us in office hours on our office number 09 360 1825 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

If you need immediate EMERGENCY support for a system wide problem that is preventing you from operating you can call Wayne on 021 385 889


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