Laser Trap

Visualise Catherine Zeta Jones in the movie “Entrapment” when she is training to steal the diamond!!


Zone Laser Tag New Zealand are the official distributors of The Laser Trap

Introducing “The Laser Trap”

Our Laser Trap is a brand new coin operated laser maze designed to transform any space into an exciting revenue making addition to any entertainment centre.

Players enter a mist filled, mirror clad room and have to navigate themselves through a matrix of laser beams, deactivate a control button or nab the diamond and get back as fast as they can.

We can design your laser trap, supply and install the equipment and you supply the room/space…..that way you can customise the attraction to fit in with your centre.

The player is rewarded for speed and agility, their name and score being proudly displayed on the score board outside.  The scoreboard provides a great competitive edge and encourages repeat playing.  

For additional pose value, you can add windows meaning the game naturally entices crowds to watch a game in action, encouraging them to have a go themselves. The old style Lasers could not handle any light interruption but this new technology and our innovative design allows the windows to be added and enjoyed by other players and friends of those playing.

Laser Traps can be purchased as a single laser trap or dual laser trap.

If you’ve got a space that isn’t making you money……why not turn it into “The Laser Trap”

Check out the video below –


One of our ZONE sites has the following as their mission for ‘The Raid’

‘Have you got what it takes to defeat The Raid and steal the diamond?

 Your Mission:  Duck and Dive through the laser maze security grid and switch a fake diamond for the priceless one.

 Then use your skill and precision to weave your way back in the fastest time possible!  Lose time and points for every laser beam you break.

 Weekly prizes for the best scores.’


Photos below are from our Zone site in Leicester with what they have done with The Raid as they call it.

Laser Trap 1 Laser Trap 2 Laser Trap 3 Laser Trap Internal Laser Trap 

We currently have Laser Traps in –

Megazone Hamilton  

Game Over Queenstown

Game Over Queensland