About Us

The Zone Group has been leading the laser tag industry since 1987 fulfilling its mission statement

“To Develop, manufacture, market and support high quality, innovative technology products for the entertainment industry.”

From its R&D base in Melbourne, Australia and its marketing offices in Leicester, UK and Dover, USA, the company has adopted an international network marketing approach with selected master licensees distributing its products throughout the world. P&C Micro’s now has distribution channels into thirty countries on six continents.

Mr. Patrick Holmes, the founder of P&C Micro’s Pty Ltd, developed his first interactive entertainment product in 1987.

The product, P&C Micro’s first laser game system called “Phaser Strike” was launched in Melbourne in mid 1988, and went on to sell successfully throughout Australia.


In 1989, Catherine Holmes entered the company as managing director.

She brought with her an administration background that assisted the company through several dynamic periods of rapid growth.




By 1991, P&C Micro’s had released its third generation of laser game products. An instant success, the new equipment heralded a return to radio communications and set new standards for the laser game industry.

The success of this product propelled P&C Micro’s into the international arena where it entered the European market through a joint venture company, Megazone Technology. Today Megazone is a wholly owned subsidiary of P&C Micro’s and the number one supplier of laser game equipment throughout Europe.

The company’s North American office is based in Dover, Delaware and supports Zone sites in the USA and Canada, Mexico and South America.

Distributors of the Zone Game operate sales and support offices in South America, France, Scandinavia and New Zealand.

Ongoing after sales support of its Laser Game Centers is a major focus for the P&C Micro’s group, providing excellent customer service and continued training and education opportunities to centers.


P&C Micro’s continues to work extensively on research and development of its laser game platforms incorporating new technology and features that ensure P&C Micro’s leads rather than follows the market.
Following the success of its laser game platform P&C Micro’s began shipping a new development system called AVIL.
> AVIL (Audio Visual Interactive Logic) is a purpose built logic controller designed specifically for Theme Parks and entertainment attractions. This Platform offers a new growth path for P&C Micro’s as it looks forward to further expansion and an exciting future.


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