10 Reasons to choose Zone Laser Tag products

10 Reasons to choose Zone Laser Tag products

There are number of Laser Tag manufactures to choose from. In Europe, Zone already dominates the market in France, the UK and Scandinavian countries  and now Zone is the leading brand of laser tag equipment in New Zealand. Before agreeing to a competitor contact, it’s important to know the differences between the products.

Here are ten reasons why you should choose Zone Laser Tag.

Before signing a contract, we recommend a visit to one of our premier sites to see how laser tag should be. Contact us to organise a meeting and you will be surprised that not only are we the worlds #1 product for all the right reasons but our prices, support and deals are incredible too.


1. Vest over Poncho

Laserforce, Lasermaxx and many other companies still use the outdated and bulky over-head poncho style and fabrics that transmit excessive perspiration between players. Operators will tell you the problems with broken eye-glasses, lost earrings and constant complaints of hair getting caught, pulled or the refusal to wear a poncho dripping perspiration. Zone’s vests are not only the thinnest and lightest plastics on the market today but our streamlined, multilayer design with clips around the front is more comfortable, hygienic and easier for customers to use. Try our lightweight, comfortable vest before you decided which way to go.


2. Hammer test our products

Zone Laser Tag Products Reliabilty     

Try the hammer test and see if you can break our plastics. Reliability is important for the long term success of your venture.

3. Large colour LCD in your language

This is an absolutely essential feature for the today’s games: a color LCD for the next generation of laser tag with achievements, avatars and photos. Laser tag is about the future. Don’t get left in the dark ages. And don’t fall for the assertion that ‘all LCDs break’—it’s only true if you don’t know how to manufacture correctly. Have you noticed that the Laserforce gun looks like it was supposed to have a display? What does that tell you?

Zone Laser Tag Gun

4. Multilingual through and through

Zone Laser Tag Multilanguage Support

No other laser tag system can have multiple languages running at the same time, with selection control at the touch of a button from a Hand Held or directly on the intelligent vest. Change language in operating systems, in-game voice and on LCD displays.

5. NFC cards over RFID

Everyone in the financial and amusement industry knows that Near Field Communication (NFC) is the future of information transfer. Why should you wait to catch up? Older RFID systems will be left behind along with the systems that use them as they are overtaken by systems that can talk to mobile devices. These companies invest less in technology and are happy with older, cheaper devices which leave no room for expansion or future development. Zone’s high end NFC systems include achievements, avatars and photos that appear in real time on scoreboards, all based on a superb online global membership system.

Zone Laser Tag Global Membership

6. Mobile devices vs. PCs

Zone Laser Tag Operation in Mobile Device

Don’t be held down by software that only operates on clunky 90s style PCs. If you want to appear futuristic to your customers then your operations need to look the part. Zone’s knows the future of laser tag operations is in phones and tablets and that’s exactly the direction we’re taking. Zone uses only the latest in ergonomic design and technology. The same cannot be said for Lasermaxx and Laserforce.

7. Seamless value add devices like targets

This isn’t a case of you getting one or two for $1000 each. We’re talking about 60 to 120 multi-color, super-bright, interactive arena targets that add totally new and dynamic styles of play—which you can get for under $100 each! They’re not only cheaper than the competition, but better suited for the arenas of the future. Once you play with them you will understand why we’ve sold 1000’s across the world. Plus, we have Gamestations, interactive remote laser turrets, intelligent vesting racks, DMX lighting control, and our all new Laser Gates—so much more than any other company. And we’re constantly pushing development. There’s a reason Zone leads and other companies follow.

Zone Arena Targets

8. Instantly accessible inbuilt diagnostics

Zone Inbuilt Diagnostics SystemSamsung_galaxy_s4_Smart_Phone

When there’s a problem, you need to know about it. Our latest diagnostic systems are truly industry leading, with diagnostics available on-demand from a mobile tablet device. There’s no time wasted waiting for scheduled reports or running back and forth to a PC. Automatic and instant diagnostics; the way it should be done.

9. Safe – one design fits all?

With companies like Lasermaxx, you have two systems: one for kids, one for adults. Why buy two separate products to fit different age groups when Zone’s one design fits all. Our unique streamlined vests and smooth laser guns makes for exciting and safe play. No sharp edges, preventing unnecessary injury. Because they’re lightweight and comfortable, our vests are just as appropriate for an eight year old girl, as they are for a broad-shouldered rugby player.


10. Local matters

NZ_small           kiwi_bird_new_zealand_postcard-r69f2857a88f248ceabf87f400ab69518_vgbaq_8byvr_324


Local support, in New Zealand.

Zone already has English, French, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Dutch and German. With a new distribution office in Holland servicing mainland Europe, you never have to worry about going through multiple languages to get the support and products you need.